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"After being tasered, I sent Barry a copy of the video to see if my civil rights had indeed been violated. Barry swiftly got back to me and confirmed the officers unacceptable actions. Under Barry's direction, I filed a lawsuit and was recently awarded $25,000. Thanks Barry"
--Dustin, Sulphur Springs, Texas.

" Wow, I just tested it--this has to be the best value for a discreet and portable security camera! Great customer service too, of course!"
-- Scott, Texas

"I have purchased spy camera's  in the past, but the Barry Cam is great. I am a  former NewYork City Police officer and agree with your organization on the rights of all Citizen's. Keep up the good work!!!!!"
-- Henry, New York

BarryCamTM Protection Program with Key Camera

BarryCam Keychain Camera

Price: $199.00
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BarryCam Protection Program comes with everything you need:

Covert Key Camera Details

The BarryCam Protection Program gives you the full power and backing of a true expert witness.

Barry Cooper has prevailed in the following cases:

- United States vs. Torez (Tyler, Texas)
- Penny vs. United States (Amarillo, Texas)
- United States vs. Thompson (L.A. California)
- State of Georgia vs. Likata (Camden, Georgia)
- State of Texas vs. McKinney (Dallas, Texas)
- State of Texas vs. Barfield (Georgetown, Texas)
- State of North Dakota vs. Jasiulionis

Having the BarryCam Protection Program is like having Barry as your expert witness everywhere you go!