BarryCam Protection Program
BarryCam Keychain Camera with
Key Camera

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BarryCam Protection Program
BarryCam Keychain Camera with
NightVision Vehicle Incident Recorder

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BarryCamTM Protection Program

The BarryCam Protection Program is the next evolution in police accountability technology and offers protection from an ever-growing number of korrupt kops. This hidden camera system captures your next law enforcement encounter for
Barry Cooper to analyze for any police misconduct. Since Barry is a former narcotics officer and currently one of America's top court experts regarding police misconduct, owning this system is like having Barry as your personal witness everywhere you go.

The Internet reports thousands of police abuse cases with dozens of new reports surfacing each day. The smart citizen now realizes there is a great need to protect themselves from these rogue officers.

Although most police cruisers are equipped with dash cameras, any video captured that portrays officers in a bad light is usually tampered with or destroyed. The BarryCam provides every citizen controverting evidence to ensure his or her freedom. There is no other system like it in the world.

BarryCam Keychain Camera BarryCam Keychain Camera The BarryCam Protection Program comes with your choice of Covert Car Key Camera or NightVision Vehicle Incident Recorder.